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Hedron started as a partnership between Phillip Haupt and Keith Huxham in 1982 (H & H Publications) with the publication of the first edition of "Notes on South African Income Tax". The book was popular with universities and technikons from the beginning and was adopted over the years as a useful handbook, by accountants, attorneys, and the South African Revenue Service.

About Phillip:

Phillip is a chartered accountant with an honours degree in Taxation from the University of Cape Town. Phillip also has a Business Science degree with a major law.

Phillip was part of the academic staff (full-time and part-time) at the University of Cape Town for over 25 years.

Phillip is currently an associate emeritus professor in Tax, and a tax consultant for high net worth individuals, corporate clients, accounting and law firms.

Phillip can be found on LinkedIn:

Phillip Haupt

Owner at Hedron Tax Cape Town Area, South Africa

Phillip Haupt

Notes on South African Income Tax:

The book is going into its 37th Annual Edition.

The book contains commentary which is not available in any other book on South African tax.


Phillip runs annual tax update and budget seminars for the accounting, auditing and law professions. These have proved very popular over the last 20 years due to the clarity of presentation and detailed notes provided.

Over the years they have produced the following books:

  • Getting to know VAT (a practical approach)
  • South African VAT, the Book
  • The Complete Guide to South African Sales Tax
  • The Southern Life Guide to Income Tax and Estate Duty
  • The Hedron Guide to Value-Added Tax
  • Advanced Tax Planning in South Africa

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